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Pdac Update 28/11/20

Now we are due to exit the current national lockdown from Wednesday 2nd Dec, the book-to-fish system will be lifted as from 10pm 1st December for Bopeep, Nyewood & Harting Combe, although the system will remain in place for Coombe night fishing bookings.

We must remind members to follow the Angling Trust guidelines regarding social distance and the Pdac have also decided that for everyone's safety there will not be any guest tickets for the rest of the season.

We must also remind members not to be accompanied by those that are not registered with the Pdac, please remember that our landlords and insurers stipulate this rule and the Pdac bailiffs will enforce it by asking them to leave the venues.

Just to clarify, Keepnets are permitted on all venues for Silverfish only up to 25lb per net.


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