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Protecting our waters!

Poaching is on the rise:

Fish theft is something that has affected all kinds of fisheries throughout the UK.

Canals, rivers and even commercial fisheries are all vulnerable to poaching by certain communities who favor our waters freshwater fish for food.

It’s certainly a concern for clubs such as non-profit clubs that maintain stocks for coarse anglers whom pay a license and fee to fish many of these waters.

A neighbouring club was targeted over the weekend and passed on the report to the Pdac to show the extent of these activities.

The images below show the scale of this behavior; gill-nets, lines and rod & reel were used in this attempt to strip the club of its assets.

Fortunately for them, a lone club member disturbed the offenders and they made off leaving their traps.

The Mirror Carp pictured on the bank was actually found in a carrier bag and thankfully the club member managed to revive it and like all the fish that were in the nets were returned to the water safely.

Currently this incident has been reported to the authorities and the investigation is ongoing.

The Pdac have experienced poaching on Bopeep this season, probably the most vulnerable and exposed water we have, but fortunately for us we have stepped up random bailiff checks and caught an offender red handed.

We have also received reports of activity of poachers roaming waters with telescopic fishing rods concealed in backpacks.

It is paramount that we all be vigilant and report any suspicious activities.

We advise members to avoid any confrontations and to ring the authorities.

Bailiffs & officials can be contacted and will be on site within minutes, numbers are in the handbook.

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