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Rivers are now closed.

Reminding all members that the Rivers are now closed.

The close season runs from 15th March until 15th June, the annual close season helps to protect fish stocks across England when they are spawning by preventing fishing during these months.

With the easing of lockdown restrictions, together with weather improvements we are expecting to see an upsurge in angling activity over the coming months.

During the same period the EA will be undertaking rod licence enforcement and closed season patrols.

What to do if you see someone fishing during the close season

Contact a Pdac Club Official and the Environment Agency incident number on 0800 807060. Try and confirm number of anglers fishing involved, a description of the anglers involved, registration/description of any vehicles belonging to those involved, type of fishing method if recognised (i.e. bait fishing, fly fishing, spinning), location that the offence is occurring, if the offence is happening at the current time and whether or not fish are being removed.

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