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PDAC  SUPERCUP  SCENE      By Andy  Reed 

The date is Saturday the 4th July 2020, the venue is Cypress Wood ponds in Buxton, East Sussex & the host club is Isfield A/C, & the competition is the first round of the Angling Times / Bait Tec Supercup Angling Competition. 

6 of the best match anglers from the Petersfield & District Angling Club are fishing against Isfield A/C & The Carp Shop.

This is only the second time that the PDAC has been involved in the SuperCup & we were drawn against 2 experienced teams in this competition ( Carp Shop were finalists last year ). Normally it is a one on one team match, but due to there being odd numbers entered in the southern region, this ended up being a 3 way match.

The day wasn't brilliant, it was an overcast day with light drizzle & not a glimmer of sunshine. The 18 anglers - 6 from each club were split between 2 ponds, the upper being mainly stocked with carp & the lower pond more of a mixed fishery.

The 9 anglers on each pond were then allocated a peg number in their section from where to fish, having 3 sections on each pond.

Once the match got underway it soon became apparent it was going to be a difficult day, with all the anglers on both ponds struggling to catch. The whole day was pretty much that way, & it was hard to tell who had won at the end of the match.

Anyway the match organisers went round the upper pond first, weighing each competitor & recording their weights & calculating the points as they went round ... 1 point for a win, 2 points for 2nd & 3 points for 3rd in each section.

After the weigh in on the upper pond  things were pretty close with Petersfield taking a section win and a tie on another.... 1 point ahead of Isfield & The Carp Shop close behind.

However fortune favoured Petersfield & we came top in 2 of the 3 sections on the lower pond giving us an overall win. the final results were :-

1st  Petersfield & District Angling Club  ............  10.5 points

2nd  The Carp Shop ........................................... 12 points

3rd   Isfield Angling Club ................................... 13.5 points

We now go onto the regional semi finals which are being held at Puddledock Farm Fishery in Essex on Saturday 8th August 2020. There will be a total of 13 teams involved, & if we are lucky enough to finish in the top 5, we will then go onto the national final at Barston lakes fishery near Birmingham in the midlands on September 13th 2020.

I would like to thank the combined efforts of the PDAC squad :-

Kris Collins, George Brickwood, Chris Knight, Andy Muchmore, Grant Thorne & myself Andy Reed.

I would also like to thank the rest of the team that didn't make the squad on the day, for their efforts & support :-  Ethan Etherington, Pete Lemon, Graham Potter, Jamie Foster, Dave Hoare & Will Abernethy

With luck & support from our club , we will do our best to make Petersfield proud of their angling club.

                                                        Tight  Lines  Andy  Reed

Full individual placings and weights can be found on the website (match results).

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