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ThePdac Update 12/09/20

As from Monday 14th September, members are no longer required to book in for Nyewood Ponds or Harting Coombe (day sessions only).

Bopeep will remain on the booking system, due to swims not being to full capacity.

Members wishing to book overnight sessions on Harting Coombe are still required to book in as normal via the booking platform from the website and this will remain in place permanently.

The temporary Covid guidelines will remain in place and members must comply with all of the following rules set out by the Pdac.

· Social distance ruling must be met at all times.

· Families remain in the same swim (1 Adult  & up to 2 Juniors).

· Any person on any Pdac waters must be registered with the club. (No non fishing guests, friends or families will be permitted).

· Guest permits will no longer be available for the remainder of the season.

· Parking permits must be displayed at all times.

· Keepnets only to be permitted in bonafide matches (Check for updates).

· No Braid of any form on Nyewood or Bopeep. (Bailiffs have now been instructed to carry out checks)

· No form of Groundbait to be used on Bopeep.

· No tipping/tossing of any baits into any Pdac waters at    the end of any session...please take it home!

Harting Coombe

· A maximum of 1kg of any form of groundbait/boilies to be used on Harting Coombe in 24 hours.

· 2 rods to be used on Harting Combe for the remainder of the season, day & night.

· Adults & Juniors sharing a swim may only use 1 rod each.

The Pdac.

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