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We are recruiting volunteers

Hi members,

Just to reiterate Andy’s request with the upcoming GET FISHING event for Sunday May 7th; and to put a strong shout-out for volunteers. Those of you that had supported the club with events held over the last two years had witnessed over 190 attendees enjoy a one-off fishing experience. You had great satisfaction and pride knowing that you personally had been part of a well run event that had put so many smiles of appreciation with those that attended and shown that fishing is not just an individual, but also a family activity. These events are to encourage those to take up or come back to our favourite pastime, these type of events are also vital to bring in the next generation of anglers so that the Petersfield & District Club continue to maintain its existence. Yesterday, we opened the bookings to the general public for the May 7th event, an allocation of 36 tickets, these tickets were snapped up within 12 hours and we now have a good number on the waiting list for cancellations. The Development Programme team are currently discussing on whether to increase this allocation, but this will only happen if we have the support from our members to help run this event. We require help in various areas, such as coaching, checking in, admin, bank runners, fish-care assistants, information support and so on. If you want to make a difference; and wish to get involved with this event or any Pdac Development project, please contact Andy Reed.

Shaun Pdac Sec.

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