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Xmas match update

Evening all Andy here. Those of you that have fished the Xmas match in the past, will know this is normally a great event held at Nyewood. Its a good day with lots of banter, even if the fishing has been a bit pants in the past.

This year however we might have an issue that might make it difficult to run as the car park at Nyewood has been filled with mounds of tarmac, this is going to make it difficult for parking for the match.

If we can't have the match at Nyewood would those wanting to fish it be prepared go else where, if l could get a venue big enough to hold the match on.

I will need to know quickly, as l will have to arrange something, so please let

me know your opinions.

The Xmas match will be on the 19th of December if it goes ahead.

All club matches are open to all members...we welcome everyone, always a great atmosphere and good laughs.

Cheers Andy

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