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Help required!

Dear members,

With only a very small group of volunteers to maintain our waters, we are putting a strong shout-out for others to help with a work party on Bopeep Pond this Saturday @ 8:30am onwards to clear as much of the weed as possible.

We have an event planned for around 40 children to experience fishing for the first time. since recent developments at Nyewood with fish stress etc, we have now made the decision to use Bopeep for this event.

To guarantee that this event will go ahead, then it is essential that we come together and support it, by attending Saturdays planned work party.

A few more volunteers with barrows and forks would be extremely appreciated.

Bookings for the children's event opens on Monday ...please help to ensure this free event happens, as so much time and effort has gone into it already.

Your time, efforts and support will help to put some enormous smiles on young faces.

Come on! ...let's make this happen!

Contact Pete Lemon (numbers in the book)

Shaun Secretary.

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